Deepak Dhungana
Dr. Deepak Dhungana
Siemens AG Österreich
Corporate Research and Technology
Siemensstraße 90
A-1211 Vienna, Austria 

Tel.: +43 51707-35934
Fax: +43 51707-56682

I am a senior research scientist at Siemens Corporate Technology, located in Vienna Austria. My research focuses on configuration technologies, particularly their application in large industrial plants. I am also actively involved in several software engineering projects, where I keenly advocate model-driven software engineering approaches. Currently, I am working on projects in the area of smart cities, especially with the focus on how ICT can support citizens, businesses and city administrators in the cities of the future.
Some of my publications are listed in DBLPFoDOK (Uni Linz)My Papers.
Other research profiles in web: Microsoft Academic ProfileGoogle Scholar ProfileACM author ProfileResearch Gate Profile
Social involvements: National coordinator of NRN Austria (2012-2016)National Coordinator of Help Nepal Network Austria (2013-2017)Initiator of Brueckenbauer.orgInitiator of Project Khahare
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